Experts warn on the dangers posed by an unclean chimney

December ‎21, ‎2017: The chimney is an important component in a house; it’s more than just a ventilation system that allows the escape of toxins, smoke and dangerous fumes. According to independent experts on public health, a chimney needs cleaning regularly, as it can be a health hazard. While creating awareness of the need to clean the chimney, the public health experts said that an unclean chimney is prone to the buildup of dangerous gases, which can jeopardize the health of occupants. The public health experts recommended that house chimneys be regularly cleaned to avoid dangers posed through accumulation of toxic gases. This is a sentiment echoed by Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning, while appreciating the efforts made by public health experts to create the awareness, the representative of Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning Houston said that apart from the buildup of the dangerous gases, there are other risks posed by unclean chimneys. The representative said that there is a risk of fire; these fires are normally accompanied with loud pops, cracking, and dense smoke and strong odors. “The worst part of it is that these fires may go unnoticed and are only discovered when they have spread widely,” said the representative while emphasizing the need to clean and properly maintain the chimney. The high temperatures in the chimney as put out by Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning expert makes it highly susceptible to fires, where any ignition will result in a fire, which can spread very fast. “An unclean chimney is clogged with creosote , a tar-like substance , it can catch fire quickly given that it is dry, making it a high risk,” said the representative, while adding that regular cleaning will help remove it as well as other toxins which have build up. For more information visit:

Apart from the hazards posed by fire, dangerous fumes and gases, an unclean chimney also destroys the aesthetic of the fireplace. “A blocked chimney is due to the failure to clean it regularly making it hard for the smoke to move upwards, smoke will instead find its way into the room, accumulating on the walls and furniture, which destroys the aesthetic of the house,” said the expert while adding that regular chimney cleaning would help avoid all this.

“We are here to ensure that your chimney is clean and that all the risks posed by an unclean chimney are eliminated,” said the Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning representative while adding that their services are affordable, professional and highly reliable. He urged all those who may need chimney cleaning services to contact the company. Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning generates a free no obligation quote.

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